About Tendedero Books

Clotheslines, the binding factor is the first, and so far only book published by Tendedero Books. It is therefore no coincidence that "tendedero" is the Spanish word for clotheslines.

Tendedero books is owned by Marieke Cambeen, who is also the photographer of several pictures of clotheslines in the book. The idea for Clotheslines, the binding factor was born after she discovered a Dutch weblog with lots of pictures of clotheslines of various photographers. Being a publisher, and realising that there were obviously more people with a passion for the beauty of waving laundry on a clothesline, the step into making a book out of a selection of these pictures, was just a small one.

Clotheslines, the binding factor started on the Internet, where photographers are present on social communities and sites like Flickr.com. This book is not only "a binding factor" because of the universal theme of the pictures, but also because of the binding effect of photographers from different parts of the world who are now joined together in a book.

The book 'Clotheslines, the binding factor'